A duel purpose rotary and CFA piling rig, with 19.0m drill depth in standard CFA mode. The rig also has a modular mast, allowing for an optional low headroom configuration with an overall mast height of 13m. Capable of diameters of 300-750mm in CFA and 350-1500mm in Rotary.

In full height configuration, the rig is identical to the Soilmec SR30, giving us 3 rigs of this type and the flexibility to meet your programme requirements.

For full details download our data sheet in PDF format.

PDF Data Sheet ↓


Maximum Pile Depth 32.0m
Maximum Pile Diameter 1500mm
Maximum Casing 15.0mm
Mast Height 17.8m
Rig Length 8.0m
Rig Width 4.1m
Rig Weight 32.4t


Transportation Lengt 15.6m
Transportation Height 3.3m
Transportation Width 2.6m


Standing BRE Load – 1
Length – 1.79m
Width – 0.6m
UDL – 279
Travelling BRE Load – 1
Length – 2.79m
Width – 0.6m
UDL – 136
Handling BRE Load – 1
Length – 2.41m
Width – 0.6m
UDL – 170
Penetrating BRE Load – 2
Length – 3.30m
Width – 0.6m
UDL – 310
Extracting BRE Load – 2
Length – 186m
Width – 0.6
UDL – 274

(*further details available on request)