We have worked with our supplier to design these integral pump and agitator units on a tracked undercarriage. The units were designed with safety in mind and are unique within the UK piling market.

To maintain a reliable supply of concrete, CFA piling requires on-site concrete storage agitators. Traditionally, these would be skid mounted units, weighing around 6t and needing to be lifted between locations. Due to the difficulty in lifting them between positions, the agitator would typically be located in one position for an extended period with long pump lines running to the rig. Pump lines would then be vulnerable to site traffic.

Our units are remotely operated and track on and off a low loader, eliminating four lifts at each location. This allows the pump to be situated close to the rig, with a reduction in pumping distance and risk of burst hoses by up to 90%. Once an area has been piled, both the rig and agitator move on across the site allowing follow-on trades to commence.

For full details download our data sheet in PDF format.

PDF Data Sheet ↓
Type CAP Beton Cap Portable Concrete Agitator
Weight with 6M3 concrete 32000Kg
Weight when empty 16500Kg
Track Pressures with 6m3 of concrete 91kPa
Track Pressures when empty 47kPa