The Soilmec SR-95 is the most powerful addition to the Foundation Piling fleet. We now have two of these rigs with a range of attachments and ancillary equipment to make the most of their dual purpose capabilities.

The rigs are typically employed in 2 line “quick conversion” CFA mode, capable of building piles up to 1200mm diameter and 26.5m deep. The same machine can then convert within hours to rotary mode ready to build piles in excess of 70m deep and up to 3000mm diameter. This speed of conversion can reduce the number of costly rig mobilisations that may be needed on sites which require both methods. This may apply on many sites, such as tall buildings with shallow CFA retaining walls and very deep bearing piles. Where ground conditions vary locally a rotary rig may be needed to core through existing structures or hard ground and a CFA rig needed elsewhere.

The rigs are equipped with a winch crowd system for use in rotary mode for maximum stroke and crowd force. When combined with our automatic casing drive adaptors, long lengths of segmental casing can be installed and extracted quickly and easily.

Both rigs are fitted with mast extensions meaning that in 4 line CFA mode they can dig piles up to 34.5m deep, amongst the deepest capability CFA rigs working in the UK.

The SR-95 is also capable of cased CFA piling (cased auger piling, CAP or cased secant piling, CSP). Unlike other cased CFA machines, the two rotaries may be raised and lowered independently of each other to give greater control of the drilling process. In this configuration the rig is capable of 800mm diameter piles to a maximum depth of 26.5m. The cased CFA method offers improved verticality tolerance over standard CFA making it ideal for secant retaining walls.

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Model Soilmec SR 95
Weight 103t operating
94t transport
Dimensions 4.7m x 9m operating footprint
37.8m maximum mast height
3.2m x 17m transport mode
Pile Types CFA, Rotary, Auger Displacement
Maximum Depth 34m CFA
70m rotary
Maximum Diameter 1200mm CFA
3000mm rotary
Engine CAT C15 Acert 15.2
540HP @ 1800
Tier 4 emissions compliant
Power Maximum torque 351kNm
Crowd 484kN
Main winch line pull 320kN
Track Pressures Q1 = 284 kPa
Q2 = 300 kPa
Track pressures for use as guide only, full details available on request.
Attributes A modern and powerful multi purpose hydraulic drilling rig fully instrumented with the Soilmec DMS system

Download Soilmec SR-95 Track Pressures Document