The Llamada PK85 is a compact and agile rig, designed purely for CFA piling. The rig’s short body length and 360° degree drilling radius make it a more nimble rig than much smaller machines on tight sites, while it’s high torque capacity and drilling speed beats that of heavier machines.

The rig is equipped with a telescopic mast, allowing it to work in reduced headroom where required. This also helps the rig to access confined sites. The rig typically operates with one of our Mecbo Beton Cap agitators which is similarly suited for small sites requiring high production. Like all of our CFA Piling rigs, the PK85 is equipped with sophisticated monitoring equipment to ensure the quality of pile construction.

For full details download our data sheet in PDF format.

PDF Data Sheet ↓

Operating Details

Maximum Pile Depth 16.5m
Maximum Pile Diameter 750mm
Mast Height 20.6m
Rig Length 7.1m
Rig Width 3.7m
Rig Weight 33.9t

Transport Details

Transportation Length 15.2m
Transportation Height 3.7m
Transportation Width 2.7m

Track Pressures*

Standing BRE Load (case) – 1
Length (m) – 2.94
Width (m) – 0.7
UDL (kN/m2) – 109
Travelling BRE Load (case) – 1
Length (m) – 2.94
Width (m) – 0.7
UDL (kN/m2) – 109
Handling BRE Load (case) – 1
Length (m) – 2.68
Width (m) – 0.7
UDL (kN/m2) – 140
Penetrating BRE Load (case) – 1
Length (m) – 2.68
Width (m) – 0.7
UDL (kN/m2) – 59
Extracting BRE Load (case) – 2
Length (m) – 0.40
Width (m) – 0.7
UDL (kN/m2) – 207

(*further details available on request)