Restricted Access mini piling machine for installing BSP (bottom driven steel cased piles) up to 354mm diameter up to 27m, but is only 1.2m wide and can operate in 2.5m headroom.

For full details download our data sheet in PDF format.

PDF Data Sheet ↓
Type D1000 Mini Drop Hammer Rig
Weight 2.4t
Dimensions Height 2.48 – 3.48
Width 1.21 – 2.650
Pile Type Driven
Maximum Depth 30m
Maximum Diameter 220 – 454 mm
Engine 25 hp 2 cylinder Hatz Silent Power Pack
Power Winch 1.0 – 1.5 tonne
Features Retractable rubber tracks.
Hydraulic stabilising jacks to front and rear.
Options Silent Electric Power Pack
Attributes D1000 is used in restricted environment for higher capacity piles than D500. We can provide both silent electric power packs and dust/fume extraction for work in sensitive environments, such as operating within retail premises.