The new Soilmec STM-20 is our latest lorry mounted piling rig. Purchased primarily to supplement our extensive highways capability, the STM-20 is also a low cost solution for smaller rotary jobs and projects requiring preliminary piling.

The rig is mounted on a 6 wheel Volvo chassis and is the first in the UK to comply with Euro 6 and London LEZ emissions standards. Depending on ground conditions and Kelly bar installed it can dig up to 30m, and maximum diameter 105omm.

It’s self erecting mast allows the rig to transfer from transport mode to fully rigged inside 20 minutes. This provides an effective solution for any highways project, particularly Smart Highways schemes with long distances between pile locations to be accessed via the existing carriageway.

It is capable of operating through 270 degrees around it’s undercarriage, with a typical operating width 4.3m and mast height of 19m.

For full details download our data sheet in PDF format.

PDF Data Sheet ↓


Maximum Pile Depth 30.0m
Maximum Pile Diameter 1800mm
Maximum Casing Length 10.0m
Mast Height 12.9m
Rig Length 7.0m
Rig Width 4.3m
Rig Weight 20.2t


Transportation Length 10.4m
Transportation Height 3.1m
Transportation Width 2.5m


Standing BRE Load (case) – 1
Width (m) –
UDL (kN/m2) –
Travelling BRE Load (case) – 1
Width (m) –
UDL (kN/m2) –
Handling BRE Load (case) – 1
Width (m) – 0.6/0.8
UDL (kN/m2) – 510/560
Penetrating BRE Load (case) – 2
Width (m) –
UDL (kN/m2) –
Extracting BRE Load (case) – 2
Width (m) – 0.6/0.8
UDL (kN/m2) – 290/315

(Note – rig operates suspended on 4no outriggers, using enlarged spreader plates)
(*further details available on request)